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  • New Minifig Designs
  • V280 Valor Dual Rotor Plane
  • Re-issue Tan, and New Dark Bluish Gray Humvee, and Bradley
  • Sherman M4A3E8 inspired by the movie "Fury"
  • New Custom Vehicle Stickers
  • Lots more new stuff!
The custom minifigures are created with new and used (in excellent condition) Lego parts and quality custom Lego accessories from a variety of suppliers (see Links page). We use printed Lego parts, custom Pad Printed parts, and decals to complete the design and look of each custom Lego character and model set.  

It takes agreat deal of time and resources to assemble each set.  The custom Lego models and Minifgures created by Brick Brigade are exclusive and unique.  Most custom military and non military sets and custom Lego military minifigure and non military minifigs are created in relatively small numbers except for a few more popular sets.  Some models require a great deal of hard to find Lego parts which may delay the shipping od some models and are considered custom Lego Model and minifig Special Orders.

Customers and friends of Brick Brigade are always welcome to input constructive ways we can improve our company and selection of custom lego military minifigures, custom lego military models, and sets.  E-mail to with suggestions for new sets, questions, and comments.  

Our custom Lego military models and minifigures company is growing.  We have a puller that meticulously pulls parts for the custom lego military sets, models and custom lego military minifigs/minifugures, and a 2nd assistant that helps in production of the custom lego military minifigs, models and sets.  Thank you to all my customers, I couldn't do this without you.

Thanks to all my friends and allies that have supported  the growth and development of Brick Brigade.  Visit my Links page for Lego and Lego compatible resources.
Brick Brigade is a site dedicated to the creation of Custom Lego Military Models and Soldier Minifigs (Soldier Minifigures).  Taking Lego parts and creating unique vehicles, planes, weapons, vessels, structures, equipment, and soldier characters complete with custom printed decals, designs, and easy to read instructions.  I create custom Lego British, US, and German military vehicles, vessels, planes, weapons, equipment, and structures, SWAT and police vehicles and custom soldier minifigures and unique Lego animal model sets for girls.  Custom Lego minifigure soldier characters include custom Lego British Soldiers, German Soldiers , Japanese Soldiers, Russian Soldiers, US Soldiers, Philipino Soldiers, Comic Book and Movie Heroes.  Custom Lego Navy Seamen, Army Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sergeants, Generals, Commanders, Medics, Paratroopers, Commandos, Raiders, Scouts, Radio Operators, Mine Sweepers, WW1, WW2, 18th Century, Civil War, Post War, and Modern Era.  

I strive to provide these custom models and soldier minifigures to those  fans of Lego and of Military Soldiers and Equipment who are not able to create these models and soldier minifigures on their own.

San Jose Toy Show
Dec 6th - Dec 7th

San Francisco Star Trek Convention
Dec 12th - 14th
New Items in the         
  • New Fantasy Characters inspired by games like Assassins Creed, Halo, Comics and Cartoons like Batman, movies like X - Men, Hunger Games, Iron Man 1 and 2, Ghost Rider, and Captain America.   Mythological creatures like Pegasus.
  • Russian, Japanese, German, and US

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Priority Mail takes between 1 and 3 days.
There is no Christmas Day Shipping available.

International Packages 
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Expedited shipping is available when you checkout.

Mad Science TOY LAB
Wolverine: One of our custom Lego minifigs
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